Walk on Paintball now at manchester paintball arena!

Our next Paintball Walkon Event is: Sunday 10th June. CANCELLED

£15 Entrance Fee (Advance bookings only)
£25 on the day.


Paintballs = £25 per box 2000 .68 or .50 Caliber available
Free air at 3000 psi only. Sorry no Co2
Maximum velocity set to 250fps
Strict "Barrel sock in safe area" policy
No Smokes or Flashbangs
Dark lenses not recommended (clear recommended)
All players MUST attend THE ONE AND ONLY mandatory briefing prior to the event. 10:30am sharp! No late entries.

The Games

Team Deathmatch (Respawn)
Domination (Respawn)
The Drop (Elimination)
Sabotage (Respawn)
Sabonation (Respawn)
Saving Private Ryan (Walkon only game)
Jail Break (Walkon only game)

Please note: This is not a bring your own paint event. We are very proud to have the only indoor Paintball site in the UK that is not horrendously slippy!
Due to the continued safety of all our guests, we must insist strictly that only GI SPORTS ONE STAR paintballs are used.