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walk on Paintball

Using your own Paintball equipment.

500 Paintballs walkon package £25

1000 Paintballs walkon package £50

Walkon players with their own Paintball equipment must still pay a deposit to secure their space.

Players with there own equipment only pay for paint, no entrance fee or equipment hire charge. Paintballs available at £5 per hundred before safety briefing. In the interest of fairness to our other guest, we regretfully must charge standard desk price for all extra paint purchased during the Paintball game time. No bulk purchase available. Sorry!

We fill HPA to 3000psi, sorry no Co2 allowed on site. Only Staff of Manchester Paintball Arena are allowed to use the fill station.

All walkon players/players with there own kit should be on site 30 minutes prior to advertised arrival time.

We require this time to chronograph and inspect your Paintball marker. We must do this is to ensure our safety standards are adhered to. Any player turning up later than advised may not be allowed to use their own Paintball marker and will be subject to normal package prices.

"Player owned" air systems NOT ALLOWED

Air systems not owned by Manchester Paintball Arena are not permitted on site. Please remove your air system from your kit bag before traveling to site.
Site bottles can be used free of charge.

  • Air refills are free of charge.
  • All markers must be choreographed to 240fps.
  • Only Paintballs purchased from Manchester Paintball Arena can be used on site.
  • We do not currently run "walkon only" Paintball sessions but do prefer groups of players with their own kit to rent out the venue for exclusive sessions. Please call for further details and best quote.

Please note:

We have many regular walkon players, however there are a small minority of players who choose to be over competitive, aggressive and take things far too seriously. If you expect marshals to go chasing after players who you consider "cheating" this is not the site for you. The management reserve the right to remove any player who considered "not to be playing in good spirit".

Strictly - Only Paintballs purchased from Manchester Paintball Arena on the day of the event can be used.

To avoid false accusation, please make sure you empty all previous paint from your hopper, and leave your other Paintball stock at home. Any player suspected of using their own Paintballs will be instantly removed from site.

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