Paintball safety

Manchester Paintball Arena is the only UKPSF Accredited Paintball site in Greater Manchester. Only Paintball sites with superb facilities and impeccable safety records achieve this status, always check to see if the venue you are going to play at is UKPSF Accredited, if it isn't, don't play there.

Paintball is a non contact sport and statistically you less likely to get injured playing Paintball than playing football or golf.

Parents can have the peace of mind that their children are in a controlled indoor environment and that safety is our first priority.

What is more, all of our masks are anti fog which means no more fog, no running into things and no excuse for lifting or removing mask in the game area. All players are given a full and comprehensive safety briefing before the day's activities commence. This also has an emphasis on safety precautions, as well as proper use of the Paintball equipment provided.

All our Paintball guns are kept in the playing area, which no one can enter without a safety mask. Players with their own markers must have a barrel sock on at all times in the public area, and must only attach air supply to the marker once inside the playing area.

We ensure all our site guns are kept to a firing velocity of 240 fps and players with their own guns must adhere to this policy. All cylinders must be date checked and signed in at booking desk on arrival at the site.

We follow government guidelines in relation to health and safety for all visitors. All players are supervised by highly trained, first aid qualified marshals at all times.

Our Fragile Ball Policy

As part of our risk assessment we implement a fragile ball policy. We always source and test our Paintballs to within our industry leading guide lines. The Paintballs at Manchester Paintball Arena hurt less - Fact.

Great news for the younger players and new comers to the sport of Paintball.

The Paintballs at Manchester Paintball arena will break on you more, taking less shots for every confirmed hit meaning you will also spend less money.

Full Head Protection

And why we don't use it.

We discourage headshots as part of our games so headshots are not very common.

We believe that one unlucky player who leaves our site with a small bruise on the head is better than a player lifting a mask (due to fogging problems associated with a Paintball mask featuring full head protection) with the possibility of a serious eye injury.