paintball equipment

You get the best Paintball equipment as part of your package.

  • Tippmann Custom 98 Platinum Series marker
  • Proto Switch ELCT mask
  • Body armour
  • Overall
  • Armoured gloves

At Manchester Paintball Arena we understand the importance of reliable paintball guns.
We use reliable, accurate and light weight Tippmann guns with an extra hand grip at the front (like the famous Tommy gun). With guns like this you're sure to make those long distance shots count.

tippmann a5 upgrade

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Quick trigger "Semi-Auto" paintball marker
Fast, reliable and lightweight
Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger!

Proto paintball mask
250 Degree Vision
Anti-fog coating (Free of charge)

Body armour and tough camo material coveralls
Body armour!

Paintball battlepack
An empty harness to carry your extra paint.

Armoured paintball gloves
Tough hand protection
Complete knuckle protection!

more about our paintball guns

Manchester Paintball Arena offer private parties the option to decide how powerful you want the guns to be.

The final decision is always up to us however, we want your day to be as enjoyable as possible and can offer advice to meet your needs. Do you want less pain, or more adrenaline? All our marshals are there to help you with any gun problems and if you do have a malfunctioning gun, you will not have to wait around while we fix it, you will be given a replacement gun straight away which you will use until the end of the session.

Hassle free paintball at Manchester Paintball Arena.

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