looking for outdoor Paintball in manchester?

Most indoor Paintball sites are too small to offer the same kind of Paintball action as Outdoor Paintball venues. Manchester Paintball Arena has a massive game area, so this advantage of outdoor Paintball over indoor is dismissed. Manchester Paintball arena has the largest indoor Paintball game zone in the UK; outdoor Paintballing sites have little advantage. Why play in the mud, cold and rain?

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why choose outdoor Paintball manchester?

A major advantage Manchester Paintball Arena has over an Outdoor Paintball site is the fact that the safe area is not 10 minutes walk away from the Paintball game zone. This is important as anyone who has played outdoor Paintball in Manchester will know; your Paintball mask can steam up during play. The only safe way to clean this is in the safe area.
The safe area at Manchester Paintball Arena is at close proximity to the game zone, unlike outdoor Paintball sites.

We play various different Paintball games in one large game zone; this allows the players to become familiar with the terrain, which makes for better tactical play. Think about it, the first time you're on a new level or map on any video game as "Call of Duty", I bet you got your butt whipped, the concepts the same. Players who are familiar with the terrain get an advantage over the competition.

All the outdoor Paintball sites around Manchester charge extra for Paintball gloves etc, Manchester Paintball Arena does not!
The noise and atmosphere at Manchester Paintball Arena will not be matched at any outdoor Paintball site.

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