indoor Paintball games

Why our indoor Paintball games are different

50% of the indoor Paintball games you will play at Manchester Paintball Arena are "Respawn Games". In a respawn game, no one is eliminated for the whole period of the Paintball game - when shot, you return to your starting point (respawn point) where a marshal will wipe you down, sometimes add a point to the other team, then send you back out there. Respawn Paintball games mean less time watching, more time playing Paintball.

Another reason why we believe Manchester Paintball Arena offers a superior indoor Paintballing experience.

team death match - "respawn" indoor paintballing!

(As seen on "Call of duty, Modern Warfare" game series)

This is always the first Paintball game we play and an introduction to respawn games.
No nonsense just out and out gun battles.
Whether you're red or blue you'll struggle to stay alive.

The object of the Paintball game is to shoot as many of the other team as possible, points awarded for each player shot. Simple, but great fun. Good for any size group.

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capture the flag indoor Paintball game

capture the flag

World famous indoor Paintballing with a twist. At Manchester Paintball Arena we use two flags (one for each team to retrieve). Unlike other Paintball sites we play this game as a re-spawn game.

The winning team is the team that achieves the most flag retrievals in ten minutes.
Good for any size group.

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brief case domination indoor Paintball game
briefcase domination

The brief case starts in the middle of the Paintball arena. Both teams are trying to get hold of the brief case and then deliver it to the opponents team bunker. If a player gets shot who is carrying the briefcase, that player must drop the briefcase as soon as they are hit and return to the respawn position. This game can end quickly or play out till the elapse of allocated time. There is always a winner, if at the end of the Paintball game neither of the teams have been successful the final position of the briefcase will determine who wins.

Quickly becoming a favorite with smaller groups.

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the drop indoor Paintball game
the drop

One of our most popular elimination scenarios.

"The Drop" Two volunteers, identified by the blue shirts are the V.I.P's, they must deliver
the brief case into the enemy territory within the allocated time (10 Minutes).

Great for larger groups.

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saving private ryan indoor Paintball game
saving private ryan

Private Ryan (a member of your platoon) is trapped in occupied territories. You must get your squad to make contact with Ryan and get him and yourselves out of there. Only one team member must touch Ryan to free him from the building.

The opposing team are snipers and are confined to our famous alley way, which is in a raised position down the length of one side of the arena. Generally played as an elimination game but with smaller groups, Ryan's team get to respawn.

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jail break indoor Paintball game
jail break

A two part game and different from all the other games, as we take one team into the Paintball game arena to set them selves up and hide anywhere they choose. There are exceptions, they can not go within 20 feet of the Jail or the alley way at any point in the Paintball game. Once the first team have bunkered down the opposing team enter and all start from the jail. Once the Paintball game starts these players must try to escape the confines of the jail (without getting shot) and successfully reach the far end of the arena. We play this twice, which ever team gets the highest number of convicts to the bottom end (alive!) wins. Frantic! and only played with large groups.

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medal of honour indoor Paintball game
medal of honour

Courage will be recognized in this game.
Somewhere out there is an ammo box, find it and return it to your spawn point without getting shot. Sounds easy, it isn't, it could be anywhere and the enemy is also looking for the same prize and are sure to gun you down to get it.
Any player shot when carrying the box must drop it and return to their spawn point to get back in the game.

The box may contain real ammo that can be used - so be careful with it.

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