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Attention all brides maids!

Is your best friends wedding just around the corner, are you trying to plan a hen party with a difference? Book your hen party with Manchester Paintball Arena and we promise to provide you with a hen party that you will never forget.

Are you worried about bruises? worry no more!

At Manchester Paintball Arena, we take safety seriously and have a soft woodchip surface to play on (seen nowhere else). What's more, for hen parties we provide all members of your hen party with chest and back protection (which looks like a bullet proof vest) and gloves. Now you can have a Paintball hen party without the fear of wedding day bruises. We even turn the power of the guns down to your specification.

Paintball hen parties have never been so good; do something different from the crowd. We are the first Paintball site to feature our special scenario called "Hen Hunt". In this game, we give the hen 1 minute to hide and the hunters 5 minutes to stalk the hen. Don't worry - she won't have much chance to hide when she's wearing a novelty chicken hat on her head.

Paintball not for you?

We run Laser Quest at the same Manchester site! Visit Manchester Laser Tag.

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