Great News.. We're Open!

Please help us by following advice and guidance on Coronavirus transmission prevention, please read all the necessary changes to our operating procedures below and the steps we've taken for the safety of our guests, staff and wider community.

Showing Covid symptoms or tested positive?

If you have had any symptoms or spent time with anyone with symptoms in the past two weeks please follow Government advice. Please do not attend our venue and call us as soon as possible with advance notice of the situation. Unfortunately deposits are non-refundable, however we will issue credit notes in these situations with advance notice given. No-shows on game day will not receive credit notes, as with all bookings deposits cannot be used towards group/other players balances.

Extra cleaning and Sanitation and PPE

All our staff have been fully trained and are wearing the necessary PPE. We advise customers to bring their own face masks which they can wear under their paintball mask. Face masks are not mandatory for players but advised.

Hand sanitation points are placed throughout the building, please use these regularly especially when entering the building, before using any shared area I.E toilets or lockers and before leaving the premises.

Extra cleaning procedures are in place of high risk areas E.G toilet door handles. All your paintball equipment is sanitised before your use and player table positions and lockers are sanitised between each session.

Social Distancing

We are operating under 2 meter social distancing throughout the premises which can only be achieved to a satisfactory standard by implementing the following rules. Please help us work within the government guidelines for our industry and ensure all players in your group know and follow these rules. Staff are trained and can break the 2 meter rules to assist you when necessary but will keep this to a minimum. We understand that some of the social distancing rules do not apply to people from the same household, however we need a standard way of working across all our paintball sessions, so please respect our instructions. Any queries beforehand, just email or call. Thanks for your help.

Each player is issued with a numbered table in the safe zone. During the paintball session breaks, players are kindly asked to remain at the allocated table place, unless accessing a locker, using the toilets or the smoking area. Players are asked to only remove their paintball mask once at their allocated place. Please do not touch anybody else's equipment at any time unless from your household.

All guests must read and understand the following changes to our operating procedures before arrival.

1. Be punctual on arrival

All paintball sessions are strictly 2 hours long.
Every member of your group must arrive no later than instructed in the booking confirmation. Anyone arriving later will not be able to take part and will not receive any refund or compensation regardless of the reason. SAT NAV please use = 204 Fields New Road, Chadderton, Oldham (This gets you directly in front of our car park gates). Please do not enter inside the premises until told to do so by a member of our staff.

2. All bookings are final

No refunds can be given for cancellations or late arrivals, whatever the reason. You cannot bring extra players or spectators with you on the day even if your group is not at the maximum of 6 players. They will not be able to enter the premises.

Deposits of no shows cannot be used towards a group balance or exchanged for paintballs.

3. Spectators/Non Players

Paintball Sessions have a maximum of 1 non-player in the premises per 6 players and a total of 5 non-players per session. All Booked in advance only on a first come first serve basis. Under 16s MUST have a parental consent form/disclaimer signed brought with them to site. Mobile numbers are not optional, they are needed for Covid track and trace. Adult players can sign on site or bring with them to speed up the process.

4. Balances and purchases

One transaction in either cash or card must be paid on arrival for each group by the group organiser. Please get organised before entering the premises whether you are putting a cash balance together or transferring money into bank accounts etc. All players within a group must be on the same paintball package.

In order to limit the foot traffic around the safe zone, extra paintballs and refreshments during the games can only be purchased by the group organiser and then distributed throughout the group. We cannot issue cups or offer free drinking water at this moment in time, please do not drink from the taps. Guests are free to bring their own drinks for during the session,

Extra paintballs are only sold in bulk only - 500 paintballs for £35

5. Clothing and personal possessions

Changing rooms are not in use. Please arrive in the clothes you are wearing under your paintball camo. We recommend older trainers and loose clothing. We DO NOT recommend wearing multiple layers of clothing for protection, you can get very hot playing paintball.

Small lockers are available free of charge for valuables on a first come first serve basis. Whenever possible please leave all jackets and large bags hidden in your vehicles. ALL lost property will be destroyed at the end of the session. Please make sure you take all your possessions with you.

6. Paintball equipment changes

We recommend hoods for younger players. Due to Covid sanitation our hood stock is now limited, we advise anyone who wants one, to wear their own hoody.

Every player MUST be wearing a pair of gloves.

Our rental gloves are free of charge and available to all players and have been sanitised before your use, however size options are no longer available. Gloves are given out randomly from small to XXL!! Please consider bringing your own if the size is an issue for you. We also sell new XL gloves (These can leave dye marks on the skin as the are brand new)

We can no longer issue groin guards. Although not standard issue throughout the paintball industry Manchester Paintball Arena has always set the standard in health and safety. We recommend you bring your own, we may have a limited stock available to purchase.

7. Food, parties and pick up

Unfortunately our party room is no longer available. We only have the time and space to run the paintball activities. All visitors must leave the premises without delay at the end of the session, regardless of the weather, time of day or age of the players. McDonald's etc cannot be consumed on the premises and people cannot remain on site waiting for a lift or taxis. Please be punctual and organised with regards to picking up players.

8. Have fun. 9. Enjoy yourself. 10. Please come again!

Sorry it was such a big list, and thanks for helping us trade within the government guidelines for our industry.

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