Battle Archery Tag

The *New* and exciting combat game "With bow and arrows instead of Paintballs"

The only Battlezone Archery Tag centre in Manchester. At Manchester Paintball Arena we bring you a taste of the ancient art of archery combat in a modern indoor urban environment! No mud, no rain just an hour of excitement playing the latest craze - Battle Archery. Archery tag is perfect for birthdays, hen parties, stag parties, team building or just for a weekend thrill with friends.

1 Hour of Archery Combat

Battlezone Bow
Unlimted Arrows
Full Face Protection
Arm Guard
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Battlezone Archery is played in a similar way to that of Dodgeball. With specialised bows and foam-tipped arrows. A simple exhilarating game of elimination, where if you catch your opponents arrow, one of your eliminated players rejoins the game!

The stag party activity with a difference. Will you dress the stag up as Jennifer Lawrence from Hunger Games, your favourite character from Game of Thrones or the good old classic "Robin Hood"? You will be sure to have a great laugh and memorable experience.

All archery tag sessions are for private group sessions only, for 1 hour. Why not bolt this onto another activity? Minimum group size = 10 players.

Free Bonus game

Medieval Long-range standoff - Test your nerve against the incoming arrows - anyone who moves or is hit is eliminated!

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